Girl Scouts Cooking Badge Workshops

Healthy & fun recipes for success! Safe kitchen habits, knife skills, reading recipes, prepping, keeping clean, cooking, eating! | $35 per scout covers recipe with professional instruction, 2 hour space rental & clean up. | Encinitas, Solana Beach, or Balboa Park. | This is NOT a drop-off class.

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"Thank you so much for putting on an amazing cooking class. I was so impressed with your patience, sincerity and willingness to share your gift with kids."

-Molly W. , Troop Leader

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Snack Badge

Earn this badge, and learn how to make yummy snacks for family and friends. 1) Jump into the world of snacks. 2) Make a savory snack. 3) Try a sweet snack. 4) Snack for energy. 5) Slurp a snack.

Simple Meals Badge

This badge, teaches how to serve up a meal for all. 1) Step up your skills with a pro. 2) Whip up a great breakfast. 3) Fix a healthy lunch or dinner. 4) Create a delicious dessert. 5) Make your own meal.

New Cuisines Badge

Earn this badge to make amazing dishes from all over the world and way back in time. 1) Make a dish from another country. 2) Create a dish from another region of the United States. 3) Whip up a dish from another time period. 4) Cook a dish that makes a statement. 5) Share your dishes on a culinary "tour!"

Locavore Badge

Prepare a meal of seasonal and locally grown dishes! 1) Explore the benefits and challenges of going local. 2) Find your local food sources. 3) Cook a simple dish showcasing local ingredients. 4) Make a recipe with local ingredients. 5) Try a local cooking challenge.

Dinner Party Badge

Earn this badge, to learn how to make and serve a fabulous three-course meal. 1) Create your menu. 2) Make a budget and shopping list. 3) Practice timing your courses. 4) Explore imaginative ways to present food. 5) Host your party!

Eating For You Badge

In this badge, find out how to eat to keep your skin glowing, your mind focused, and your energy flowing by choosing foods to keep you growing with good health.

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