Alison Caldwell is a creative producer specializing in video and content marketing to help communicate and inspire the story of large and small brands. With a master’s degree in Food Systems and Culture from New York University and 30-year background in television production,  Alison Caldwell’s passion for creating conscious and relevant content is limitless.  Her credits have been aligned with A&E, TLC, Discovery, and FOOD networks to name a few.  Alison is firmly grounded with an innate business sense and creative entrepreneurial spirit that results in her unique ability to think outside the box, generate fresh ideas,  and offer innovative solutions.  As a sustainable food expert, Alison has her finger on the pulse of the current artisanal local (and global) food and farm scene that is so connected to the places we eat and shop.  

The Jimbo’s Story |  Alison Caldwell, Producer, Director, Editor