Alison Caldwell

Sustainable Food Expert, M.A.

Good Food Guru | Food Media and Marketing Consultant

Alison Caldwell holds a masters degree in Food Studies from New York University. Her care for a fair food system inspired her to pursue a path where sustainable agriculture and social responsibility intersect by acquiring a comprehensive understanding of the origins, patterns, and future of food on a local and global scale. Alison consults, creates content, and educates where food and culture merge. Through new and traditional media platforms, Alison inspires and creatively informs people about the integrity and joy of food.

Alison works in food media, marketing, and creative business development. Alison's expertise in the food start-up community has led her to generate scores of authentic relationships within the SoCal artisanal food world. Very much in touch with local (and global) food and beverage, Alison has a broad understanding of current market trends and needs to grow a good food company. Alison also designs and teaches farm to table cooking classes and curriculum, a combination of food politics, farming and cooking, to her Southern California community of all ages. Alison also works with both the San Diego Girl Scouts and Boys & Girls Club with her "Cooking Farm to Table" project- a program to teach children the benefits and basics of real food. Alison also works in food media, marketing, and business.

Alison has lived and worked in India with Vandana Shiva’s, Navdanya, where she created and facilitated Navdanya’s course, Organic Agriculture A-Z . Alison has also been published in the latest leading food studies textbook for her chapter titled, “Will Tweet for Food,” in Taking Food Public: Redefining Foodways in a Changing World , and was a 2011 visiting artist at the James Beard Foundation Greenhouse Gallery with her solo photography show, “Hong Kong Foodscapes.” Alison is a recent Alice Waters Edible Schoolyard Academy graduate. The program trains educators to create powerful and sustainable edible education programs in their schools and communities.

Alison sits on the board of The Cleveland Seedbank and Slow Money SoCal, a non-profit that connects artisan entrepreneur, farmer, investor, and everyday food folk to bridge the gap between local food and local finance. Finally, when it comes to media and creative development, Alison Caldwell’s passion for creating content is limitless. With over 20 years of experience in television/video production, credits have been aligned with A&E, TLC, Discovery, and FOOD networks to name a few. Alison is firmly grounded with an innate business sense and creative entrepreneurial spirit that results in her unique ability to think outside the box, generate fresh ideas, and offer innovative solutions.

Creating dynamic discussion around food & ethics.

2019 SDSU Research Foundation, WIC. Guest Speaker. "Advocating Healthy Starts with You."

2018  CCOF Pacific Southwest Organic Symposium. Guest Panelist. "What is Organic? What is it's future?"

2016 Gold West College Peace Day Conference: Guest Speaker. "Food Democracy and Ethics."

2015 Slow Money SoCal: San Diego Gathering. Guest Panelist. “The Right to Real Food: Who has Access, Who Goes Hungry.”

2014 CBC, Radio One, Canada: Mainstreet with Stephanie Domet. Guest expert for Halifax food truck segment.

2014 Canyon Crest Academy: Guest speaker. “Organic in the Garden”

2013-2014 Center For a Healthy Lifestyle: “Local Organic GMOhMy” food education series

2013 Canyon Crest Academy: Guest speaker. "Food, Sustainability & Supply Chain"

2012 Navdanya Biodiversity and Research Center. Dehradun, India. Guest Lecturer. “Food, Economics, and Ethics”

2012 Navdanya Biodiversity and Research Center. Dehradun, India. Facilitator. “Organic Ag A-Z”

2011 ASFS Conference Speaker: “Raising Kosher”

2010 ASFS Conference Speaker: “Will Tweet for Food”